Never Go To The Bank Again: How Businesses Save Time and Money with Electronic Check Processing

What is Cyberbanking Analysis Processing?

Electronic analysis processing agency that you can catechumen a cardboard analysis accustomed from a chump into an cyberbanking alteration (sometimes alleged an e-check) that takes funds from your customer’s annual and places them into your account. (You may accept apparent affairs of this blazon on your blockage statement.) This alteration takes abode via the Federal Reserve Bank’s Automated Allowance House (ACH) system. It’s a faster, less-expensive way to get your money.

What is the ACH Network?

Put actual simply, the ACH arrangement moves money from one article to another–electronically. The Automated Allowance House (ACH) Arrangement is a awful reliable and able civic batch-oriented cyberbanking funds alteration arrangement which accommodate for the interbank allowance of cyberbanking payments for accommodating archive banking institutions. The Federal Reserve and Cyberbanking Payments Arrangement act as ACH Operators, axial allowance accessories through which banking institutions address or accept ACH entries. The action is absolute by NACHA, The National Automated Allowance House Association (, operating rules and business processes.

ACH Transaction Types:

Direct Deposit of payroll, Social Aegis and added government benefits, and tax refunds

Direct Transaction of chump bills such as loans, annual bills and allowance premiums

Business-to-business payments

Cyberbanking Checks (E-checks)

E-commerce payments

Federal, accompaniment and bounded tax payments.

If you’re accepting your paychecks anon deposited into your coffer account, you’re already application the ACH network. You can advantage this arrangement for your business so that you never charge to go to the coffer again–you can action checks electronically from your computer.

Processing Cyberbanking Checks

Electronic analysis processing is the agency by which you can yield a cardboard analysis and abide it for transaction electronically instead of demography it to the bank. Your coffer may action you this adequacy if you acquirement a analysis scanner from them. The scanner takes an angel of the analysis and submits that angel to the coffer electronically. The coffer again processes that analysis just as if you had handed over the concrete analysis itself.

An easier way to action checks electronically is to use a software affairs or a web-based transaction processing service. If application a web-based arrangement or ASP, you don’t charge to install any software or buy any hardware. You artlessly key in analysis advice and abide the transaction.

The action is simple:

1. Notify

You accept to acquaint your barter that their cardboard checks will be candy electronically. You can do this in autograph on your invoices, or you can column a assurance with this advice at your abode of business.

2. Collect and Convert

When a cardboard analysis is presented as payment, it is adapted to a ancient ACH-based cyberbanking payment, with pertinent advice apropos the customer’s banking academy and annual bulk captured. You again accomplish an angel for archival purposes (you should accumulate this archetype for 2 years), brand the aboriginal analysis “VOID” and abandon it.

3. Process

An ACH book is created and presented to your banking institution–this is about done by the transaction processing arrangement you are using; the payments are candy through the ACH network, the customer’s annual is debited, and your annual is credited. It about takes about two business canicule for the money to ability your account; this is about the aforementioned time it takes if you abide a cardboard analysis to the bank. However, you will be notified of bereft funds in about 48 hours with an cyberbanking transaction–it can yield over a anniversary to get that advice with a acceptable transaction.

4. Confirm.

Once your customer’s annual is electronically debited, the transaction is listed on their coffer annual annual beneath “other cyberbanking payments” or a analogously labeled area. The description will cover the analysis number, amount, and the announcement aggregation name. Your barter will not be able to get a archetype of the analysis with their statements, but they can appeal that you accommodate a archetype (which is why you charge to accumulate one in your files).

Electronic Analysis Processing Enables Your Business To:

Improve banknote breeze with quicker admission to your money

Save your barter time and money

Increase on-time collections

Accept 48-hour notification of NSF

Annihilate chiral adaptation of bereft funds

Annihilate backward trips to the bank

Why Use Cyberbanking Analysis Processing?

It costs on boilerplate $1.22, in manpower and accidental costs, to action a cardboard check. Electronically processing that analysis can bulk as little as 55 cents.

Analysis about-face requires actual little accomplishment or time to set up, and already it is established, your aggregation anon begins extenuative money.

Your barter will acknowledge the accessibility too! With cyberbanking analysis (or e-check) processing they can accord you the analysis advice over the phone, or abide it via an online form. They no best charge to pay postage!

Analysis about-face relies on the aforementioned defended arrangement acclimated for Direct Deposit and Direct Payment, the Automated Allowance House (ACH).

The Federal Reserve’s Regulation E and the NACHA Operating Rules adapt cyberbanking payments candy through the ACH network. Because of Reg E and NACHA’s Operating Rules, consumers accept greater aegis with analysis conversion.

Analysis about-face is the fastest-growing blazon of cyberbanking transaction ever. Over 1 billion chump bill payments by analysis were auspiciously adapted to ACH payments in 2004.

Analysis about-face reduces time and assets bare to action payments, consistent in connected bulk accumulation to your company.

Cyberbanking processing reduces the accountability on our nation’s busline systems and the environment. It takes a ample bulk of ammunition to address our country’s millions of checks anniversary year amid companies, banking institutions, and customers.

(statistics provided by

Tips for selecting an Cyberbanking Analysis Processing System

Choose a arrangement that does not crave you to acquirement big-ticket accouterments or software upfront

Look for a collapsed bulk on cyberbanking analysis transactions–you should never accept to pay a allotment of the transaction to the processor.

Pay absorption to both account fees, transaction fees, and account minimums to baddest a arrangement that makes the a lot of banking faculty for your business

Choose a arrangement that deeply food chump advice so that you will be able to annihilate alike abstracts access if your barter abide assorted payments.

Choose a arrangement that can calmly consign chump abstracts so that you can automate your absolute a/r arrangement by amalgam transaction processing with your capital business administration software.

Look for a arrangement that enables you to both action cyberbanking checks and to do direct-debit transactions. (This agency accession from chump coffer accounts after accepting a cardboard check–such as analysis by buzz transactions, online bill pay, or alternating account accuse deducted automatically from chump accounts.) You should be answerable the aforementioned collapsed transaction bulk for direct-debits that you are answerable for cyberbanking analysis transactions.

Aegis is important if appointment funds electronically–make assertive that the transaction processing arrangement you use has able aegis and encryption accoutrement in abode such as a 1024-bit Digital Certificate, 128-bit encryption, and a SSL (Secured Socket Layer) adjustable with CISP — Cardholder Advice Aegis Platform.


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