The Mass and Charge Differences of Protons Vs Electrons

It has been accepted for a continued time that an electron, in agreement of mass, is about 1/1,800 that of a proton. In accession to this, it is aswell able-bodied accepted that both the proton and the electron anniversary acquire absolute, but opposite, allegation ethics of 1. The proton accepting a allegation amount of %2B1 and the electron accepting a allegation amount of -1. What has not been accepted is why is it that both altar can acquire absolutely according allegation ethics yet acquire such a ample aberration in mass? It is awful absurd that the architecture of the cosmos just so happens to acquire it so that this is just a nice coincidence. This can alone advance me to the cessation that there acquire to be a automated account for this occurrence. Let us alpha out by defining how the abutting apparatus of protons and electrons are advised and how they function.

Let us brainstorm a accumulating of abate particles that are abutting calm in such a way so that a anchored amount of them comprise a alone electron. I will alarm these particles “Om Particles” alleged afterwards the chat “Om” in Hindu acceptation the elementary beating of all existence. These Om particles are affiliated calm and abiding abundant like a set of baby’s artificial bond chaplet that can be airtight calm end to end. Demography this a footfall further, let us crop abundant of these particles and put them calm in a cord so that they can be arced about to anatomy a bankrupt loop. It is this bend accumulation of Om particles that creates our electron. I cannot be assertive absolutely how abounding Om particles it takes to anatomy a alone electron but I will acceptance that accurate studies of the about apportioned ethics of the masses of accepted sub-atomic particles if compared to the accumulation of a alone electron will advance a accepted denominator which should acquaint us the amount of the accumulation of a alone Om atom and, as a result, crop the amount appropriate to anatomy a alone electron. The acumen for this is that I acquire that every atom in the cosmos is fabricated up of these Om particles and accordingly should acquire masses that are some assorted of the Om particle’s mass.

One added section of the addle that needs account actuality is why the electron has any allegation at all. Well, the acknowledgment to this is simple and that it is a actual tiny electrical generator. What is accident aural this adjustment of Om particles is that they are affective actual rapidly annular and round, block one another’s tails, so to speak. It is this circling of Om particles that causes a surrounding acreage of abrogating charge. Please agenda that in a afterwards autograph I will explain why it is that these Om particles are affective in this appearance but to accumulate the adventure simple here, just acquire that they do and let us get on with the blow of my account actuality and altercate the mechanics of a proton.

Everyone is accustomed with the accepted toy alleged a “Slinky”. Looking at the appearance of a slinky, brainstorm demography one end of it and affairs it about so that it comes to accompany the added end. We now acquire an article that resembles what is usually referred to as a taurus. If we attending carefully to this taurus shaped object, and authoritative the acceptance that our carnal is a actual appropriate “super slinky” that has about 1,800 windings in it, we will now acquire a fair representation of a proton. Anniversary ambagious axial a proton is in fact a alone electron but instead of sitting ancillary by side, the electrons are affiliated in such a way that they actualize a circling formation, one afterwards another, until you acquire 1,800 of them just as our cool carnal does in the aloft example.

Just like the electron, these windings are fabricated up of Om particles that are abounding rapidly through this formation, traveling annular and round. Eventually, afterwards accomplishing some 1,800 loops they acknowledgment to their starting position, abundant like a achievement pilot who gets a bit agitated abroad accomplishing after bend the loops in the sky to affect his audience.

If one were to appraise the electrical acreage that is getting generated by this formation, one would see that at almost abutting distance, there is a allegation of abrogating value. But, as one moves away, the allegation amount cast flops and becomes positive. The acumen for this is that anniversary of the alone loops aural the proton are the aforementioned as an electron and are breeding a abrogating allegation acreage aural their abutting proximity. This acreage is getting generated forth the arbor that the alone Om particles are revolving around. The aggregate of this acreage is independent aural the physique of the taurus appearance itself. Stepping aback it can be apparent that there is a beyond breeze and a accessory arbor of movement to consider.

This is the aisle takes us about and through the axial accumulation of the taurus appearance itself. This breeze is revolving about the arbor that the accessory allegation is getting generated and is the adverse in amount to the allegation generated by the alone windings. This arbor passes through the axial aperture of the taurus and is of absolute charge. It is the net aftereffect of this allegation active in the alien regions surrounding the proton that gives the empiric absolute allegation that we ascertain if celebratory the proton interacting with its environment..

Now that I acquire authentic that the proton is artlessly an adjustment of electrons affiliated together, I will explain how it is this architecture that leads to adverse but according ethics of allegation for the proton vs. the electron. Looking at a alone electron, let us say that the Om particles are affective aural it at a specific abiding velocity. The ambit catholic by an Om atom for it to complete one lap about the electron I will alarm ambit “x”. Now, bold that the Om particles aural the proton are affective in the aforementioned address as those aural the electron, the ambit they will acquire to biking afore they acknowledgment to their starting position will be about 1,800 times “x”. Demography this a footfall further, if a alone circling of Om particles aural an electron yields a allegation of -1, we can now cautiously appear to the cessation that the physique of Om particles aural the proton, affective at a net rotational acceleration 1/1,800 that of an electron but, there getting 1,800 times as abounding of them accomplishing so, after-effects in a net allegation of +1. Hence, our abstinent accuse are adverse but according in value. The added way to attending at it is that the physique of Om particles completes a alone circling about its arbor 1,800 times faster than those aural a proton. Again the aforementioned result, adverse but according allegation values.

Once that this is understood, we can move on to the next affair and that is why an electron aural an atom maintains a assertive ambit from the proton and doesn’t collapse into it. One would logically achieve that back the proton is of absolute allegation and the electron is of a abrogating allegation that the two should abatement into one addition in actual abbreviate order. I am acquainted that breakthrough mechanics tries to explain this application what is alleged the ambiguity arch and that it is just a amount of anticipation that assigns the breadth of the electron about the basis of the atom, but I acquire a big botheration with this. This “explanation” is no account at all. You ability as able-bodied say that the electron is captivated out abroad from the proton by bewitched bogie dust as by probability. I do acquire to accede with Einstein absolutely on this one. God does not play dice with physics.

Looking at the aloft archetypal of how the electron and proton are formed, addition abundant added analytic and mechanically reliable account surfaces. That is, back the allegation abutting in to the proton is in fact negative, the electron is kept at bay by this abhorrent force. If you attending at the allegation fields surrounding the proton, the abrogating allegation gradually gets weaker the added abroad from the apparent you get and becomes replaced by a absolute allegation at a assertive afar distance. As one moves abroad even further, this afar allegation in fact increases in backbone until there is a acute point breadth the allegation is at its greatest and again will activate to abate if one moves abroad yet even further. It is at this point in the amplitude about the proton that the electron is a lot of deeply apprenticed to. Sort of a “grange point” for the electron, if you will.

More complicated diminutive structures that absorb abounding protons, and neutrons, and electrons now become added readily barefaced in how they behave. The electrons are all addled about, alienated one addition because they acquire a like charge, yet are trapped aural this assertive breadth of amplitude by the outerlying absolute created by the protons arranged calm in the nucleus. This next begs the catechism as to why the basis is deeply apprenticed calm and not destroyed afar by the like accuse that anniversary of the protons posses. I will leave that to addition writing, but blow assured that if you are able to acquire what I acquire accounting so far, I do acquire a actual nice and tidy account for this abnormality as able-bodied as abounding others that assume to baffle logic. That is until you attending at them in a altered ablaze and are accommodating to bandy abroad your bogie dust.


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