Electronic Invoices (E-Invoices) For The Spanish Market

In this commodity we will go into added detail on the afterward questions questions about cyberbanking invoices:

– What is an cyberbanking invoice?

– What are the allowances of implementing cyberbanking invoices?

– What are the arch laws administering the use of cyberbanking invoices in Spain?

– Which types of cyberbanking invoices are accustomed in Spain?

– How can I catechumen cardboard invoices into cyberbanking invoices and carnality versa?

First of all, we wish to point out that there are abounding synonyms for agenda billing: agenda invoicing, cyberbanking billing, cyberbanking invoicing, e-billing, e-invoicing, telematic billing, telematic invoicing, etc.

What is an Cyberbanking Invoices or e-Invoices

An cyberbanking balance (also alleged an e-invoice or eBill) is the aftereffect of a announcement adjustment that doesn’t crave a cardboard archetype as a advancement in adjustment to authenticate its authenticity. For this reason, an cyberbanking balance functions as a software-generated file, which compiles the advice accompanying to a bartering transaction, its transaction and agnate tax obligations.

Although we apperceive altogether able-bodied what an balance is, its abstruse analogue is “a affidavit that reflects the supply of a artefact or the accouterment of services, alternating with the due date and the bulk to be paid in consideration.”

All invoices, behindhand of the way in which they are beatific (whether on cardboard or in cyberbanking format), accept to cover a alternation of binding fields. Commodity 6 of Royal Decree bulk 1496/2003, Spanish law, which regulates the agreeable of an invoice, establishes these fields as:

– Balance number

– Supply date

– Sender’s and recipient’s acknowledged name

– Sender’s and recipient’s Tax ID number

– Sender’s and recipient’s acknowledged address

– Transaction description (tax base)

– Tax rate

– Tax amount

– Date of account (if altered from the supply date)

In adjustment to accede with regulations and ensure that an cyberbanking balance has the aforementioned acknowledged authority as a cardboard invoice, the agnate cyberbanking affidavit accept to accommodate the aforementioned binding fields as any added invoice, accept to be active with an cyberbanking signature based on a accustomed affidavit and accept to be beatific from one computer to addition with the parties’ alternate consent. This aggregate of factors provides a Telematic Balance with acceptable believability so as to absolutely agreement its candor and the actuality of its origin.

Electronic invoices accommodate an important agency of abbreviation the costs of processing, sending, distributing and advancement invoices, consistent in a description of authoritative procedures and a ample abridgement in the bulk of time and amplitude consumed, as the invoices are transmitted through telematic means, able by applying abstruse acceptance mechanisms (electronic signatures), which agreement the basal elements appropriate in any balance (the actuality of its agent and candor of its content) and acquiesce them to be maintained in agenda format, which affords actual admission to them at any accustomed moment.

Electronic invoices accommodate all of the advice appropriate in a traditional, cardboard balance in an encrypted format, including abstracts on the sender and recipient, such as their name and Tax ID number, the date of the invoice, the sender’s acknowledged address, the bulk of the balance and the allotment and bulk of VAT, a part of added information.

Furthermore, the affidavit includes an cyberbanking signature, which is generated application a agenda affidavit that has been provided to the sender of the balance by a Tax Agency-approved affidavit company. This aggregate of factors provides a Cyberbanking Balance with acceptable believability so as to absolutely agreement its candor and the actuality of its origin.

Electronic invoices animate organizations to abandon the use of cardboard invoices, replacing them with a agenda adaptation of an electronically-generated tax document, which has the aforementioned acknowledged authority as the acceptable adaptation and preserves a affectionate almanac of all bartering transactions. In this way, the absolute announcement action can be administered electronically. However, it is important to bethink that bulk of Value Added Tax accept to be included on every Invoice.

Benefits of Implementing Cyberbanking Invoices (e-Invoices or eBills)

Depending on a company’s volume, the accumulation accompanying to balance administration (receipt, storage, search, signing, returning, payment, shipping, etc.) can alter amid 40% and 80%. Some of the affidavit for this accumulation are:

– Timeliness, both in accepting and sending the information

– Accumulation on cardboard supplies

– Ease of auditing

– Added aegis and affidavit control

– Decreased possibilities for falsification

– Easy admission to the information

– Abridgement in the amplitude appropriate for autumn archival documents

– Quicker and added able authoritative procedures

Automating as abounding processes as accessible through an chip solution, which optimally manages these tasks, after-effects in a anon commensurable abatement in opportunities for animal absurdity while accretion the opportunities for accumulation and bigger efficiency. Even collections can be managed automatically, sending the agnate behind notices as assertive pre-defined thresholds are reached.

Furthermore, if companies administer this technology, they are motivated to digitalize added documents, appropriately accomplishing ability and accumulation in added areas of the business. Ascendancy of taxes is aswell added with cyberbanking announcement because it allows for greater ascendancy over tax acquiescence and simplifies the auditing process.

The Arch Laws Administering Cyberbanking Invoices (e-Invoices or eBills)

In Spain, Directive bulk 115/2001 about applies, although these regulations accept aswell been able in civic policy, decidedly in the afterward laws:

– Royal Decree bulk 1496/2003 Announcement Regulations.

– Royal Decree bulk 87/2005 Amendments to Announcement Regulations.

– Ministerial Mandate bulk EHA/962/2007 of April 10th (entered in the Federal Registry on April 14th, 2007), which added develops specific accoutrement for telematic announcement and agenda accumulator of invoices, elaborating on Royal Decree bulk 1496/2003 of November 28th, area the regulations administering billing-related obligations were adopted.

– Ministerial Mandate bulk PRE/2971/2007 of October 5th (entered in the Federal Registry on October 15th, 2007) apropos invoices issued through cyberbanking agency if the almsman is the Accepted Accompaniment Administration or a accessible alignment associated with or abased on it, as able-bodied as the acquiescence of invoices issued by individuals to the Accepted Accompaniment Administration or the accessible organizations that are associated with or abased on it.

Various free bigoted councils (in Alava, Guipuzcoa, Navarra and Vizcaya) accept reproduced these aforementioned regulations, appending a adaptation of them in Basque dialect.

Types of Cyberbanking Invoices

An cyberbanking balance is one which meets the aforementioned requirements that administer to invoices issued on paper, except that it is presented in cyberbanking architecture and its actuality and candor are guaranteed. In adjustment to agreement a document’s actuality and integrity, there are three accessible methods:

– Utilization of a accustomed agenda signature, which is based on a accustomed affidavit and generated application a defended accessory for creating signatures.

– Remittance through an “EDI” system, which ensures candor and authenticity.

– Use of addition arrangement which, in the assessment of the Auditing Department of the Accompaniment Tax Agency, ensures actuality and integrity, whenever the aborigine arising the balance has activated for Agency approval of the arrangement in question.

In general, the use of a accustomed cyberbanking signature is advised to be an capital aspect of cyberbanking invoices.

The Conversion of Cardboard Invoices into Cyberbanking Invoices and Carnality Versa

The contempo advertisement of Ministerial Mandate bulk EHA/962/2007 defines the elements all-important for converting cardboard invoices into their cyberbanking equivalent, establishing that the digitalization action accept to agreement that the aftereffect is a affectionate reproduction of the original, cardboard affidavit and that the digitalization accessory (scanner) accept to aftermath the angel alternating with a Qualified Cyberbanking Signature (as authentic in Directive bulk 1999/93). The action through which this is able is appointed as “Certified Digitalization.”

Furthermore, these regulations accompaniment that cyberbanking invoices can be transcribed on paper, including the clear marks certifying their authentication, produced according to PDF 417 specifications, as set alternating in Resolution bulk 2/2003 of February 14th of 2003 by the Accepted Board of the Accompaniment Tax Administration Agency, accoutrement specific aspects accompanying to telematic billing.

There are, however, no academic requirements apropos the address in which an balance accept to be encrypted.


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