Electronics Insurance – Are Your Electronics and Computers Covered by Your Insurance?

There is a lot of misinformation today about customer electronics and how it is advised by allowance companies. A lot of humans I allocution to anticipate that if they accept homeowners or renters insurance, their customer electronics are covered.

But they usually acquisition out that their assumptions aren’t true… at claims time.

Sure, some of the acreage is covered. But there are a agglomeration of banned and exclusions that will abruptness you if you accept a accident and book a claim.

Don’t delay until affirmation time to apprentice about this important coverage. Read this commodity anxiously and accomplish acceptable decisions about your coverage.

Twenty years ago, customer computer acceptance and buying was not all that common. If you endemic a corpuscle phone, you agitated it in a bag the admeasurement of a baby purse. There were few home fax machines. Answering machines were appealing common, but voicemail was still on the horizon. Scanners were non-existent. Printers and copiers were huge and expensive, and you didn’t see them in a lot of homes. If you were the attenuate being who had agenda TV, the bowl was about eight anxiety beyond and sat out in the aback yard. And Claimed Agenda Assistants (PDAs) and MP3 players had not been invented yet.

But today…

In our home we have:

o two desktop computers with monitors

o four laptop computers

o four printers

o one stand-alone fax machine

o one aggregate fax, scanner, copier

o three TVs

o two VCRs

o one agenda video camera with tripod for our home recording studio

o one audio bond board, one microphone, one amplifier, two alien soundcards, and a 500GB harder drive, all for our home recording studio

o two DVD players

o two corpuscle phones, one smartphone, anniversary with voicemail

o one agenda TV arrangement with a 24″ bowl on the roof

o two Ipods

Your home may not accept that bulk of electronics, but afresh again, you ability accept more. The way that customer electronics prices accept confused over the years makes buying abundant easier for added and added people.

But… is it covered? Does your homeowners or renters allowance awning your electronics?

We run three abstracted businesses out of our home. A lot of of our electronics are acclimated in our businesses.

Do you accept a home business? There are millions of home businesses… aggregate from home daycare to a account business to multilevel business businesses. Abounding times, those entrepreneurs own appointment electronics for their home business. Do you use your computers and added electronics for any affectionate of home business? Even if you’re answering appointment email on your home computer, it could be advised “business use.”

Are they covered by YOUR homeowners policy?

Are they covered if they are business-related?

What happens if your desktop or laptop computer is stolen, either from home or abroad from home? Is the annexation covered by your homeowners allowance policy?

If you’re accustomed your laptop through an airport anywhere in America, your laptop is at huge accident for theft. (See added below) What if your laptop is baseborn while you’re in the airport?

Here is the acknowledgment to those questions…


In the Homeowners or Renters Policy, Advantage C, Contents, there are appropriate banned of $2,500 for “property, on the abode premises, acclimated primarily for business purposes.” The action says there is a $500 absolute for “property abroad from the abode bounds acclimated primarily for business purposes.” Of course, you will accept a deductible to pay first, so if your deductible is $500 or more, you will not get ANY money from the allowance aggregation for this loss.

Are your claimed electronics covered? Yes, but alone for the afterward perils:

o Fire or lightning

o Windstorm or Hail

o Explosion

o Riot or Civil Commotion

o Aircraft (not in aircraft, but if aircraft abatement on your stuff.)

o Cars (not in vehicles, but if cars blast into your stuff.)

o Smoke

o Abuse or Malicious Mischief

o Theft

o Falling Objects (stuff falling assimilate your stuff)

o Weight of Ice, Snow or Sleet

o Adventitious Discharge or Overflow of Baptize or Steam

o Sudden and Adventitious Tearing Apart or Bursting (of a beef or hot baptize system).

o Freezing

o Sudden and Adventitious Accident from an Artificially Generated Electrical Current

o Volcanic Eruption

As I said above, the action absolute for business electronics at the abode is $2,500.

If your laptop or added carriageable electronics are baseborn from your car, there is no advantage beneath your Auto allowance for the theft.

Also remember, that beneath Advantage C, Contents, transaction is fabricated on an Actual Cash Bulk basis, not Backup Bulk Value. The alone way to get RCV is to add the Contents Backup Bulk endorsement to your policy. It’s not automatic, you accept to appeal it.

How about added kinds of accident that your computer ability sustain?

o Adventitious damage, such as alone equipment, falls, aqueous spills and auto collisions.

o Baptize damage

Those kinds of amercement are not covered beneath your homeowners or renters policy.

And what about the software and acute abstracts in your computer? Is that covered, too?

Not likely. In the Homeowners and Renters policies, beneath the “Property Not Covered” section, “business data, including abstracts stored in computers and accompanying equipment” is not covered.

So, to be absolutely covered, you’ll charge to buy some added coverage.


The arch aggregation in the apple for computer and carriageable electronics allowance is Safeware Insurance. They accept programs for students, individuals, baby and ample businesses and schools at actual aggressive rates.

Let me yield a few account and acquaint you about their outstanding allowance product.

If you own:

o Desktop or Laptop Computers

o Claimed Agenda Assistants (PDAs)

o Smartphones

o Agenda cameras

o MP3 players

o Scanners/Faxes/Copiers

o Printers

o DVD players

o Flash drives

o Servers

o Alien harder drives

o Agenda camcorders

o Peripherals that affix to your computers through an USB port, Firewire, PCMCIA or addition input

All of these cyberbanking articles charge appropriate allowance advantage not provided in Homeowners or Renters policies.

Did you apperceive these facts about computers?

o Adventitious accident is the bulk one could could cause of loss

o Annexation is bulk two could could cause of loss

o Ability billow is bulk three

o Manufacturer warranties do not assure your computer from adventitious accident or theft

o Even admitting some manufacturers do action appropriate “damage only” coverage, they do not action advantage for theft, ability surges, accustomed disasters or vandalism.

You already apperceive how simple it is to accept electronics with backup bulk in balance of $2,500. There are loaded desktops and laptops that calmly beat $2,500 EACH.

So, you accept some choices:

1. Call your abettor and buy a Claimed Acreage Endorsement to add advantage to your homeowners or renters policy. Downsides to this best are (a) abounding endorsements alone pay the Actual Cash Bulk of the damaged property, not backup cost, and (b) perils like Adventitious Damage, Drops, Falls, Cracked Screens, Aqueous Spills and Auto Collisions are not covered.

2. Buy a custom action that just adds appropriate advantage for your computers and added electronics, like:

o Desktops

o Laptops and notebooks

o Claimed Agenda Assistants (PDAs)

o Smartphones

o Agenda cameras

o MP3 players

o Scanners/Faxes/Copiers

o Printers

o DVD players

o Flash drives

o Servers

o Alien harder drives

o Agenda camcorders

o Peripherals that affix to your computers through an USB port, Firewire, PCMCIA or addition input

Safeware’s behavior awning Adventitious Damage, Drops, Falls, Cracked Screens, Aqueous Spills and Auto Collisions.

Business Electronics

In May 2006, burglars blanket a laptop from the home of a abstracts analyst at the Department of Veterans Affairs. The laptop independent the acute claimed advice of over 26 actor veterans and aggressive personnel. The FBI said that the laptop was recovered afterwards an adviser “snitched,” motivated by a $50,000 reward.

But it’s not just organizations that accord with customer abstracts that are anxious about thefts. Companies whose advisers accept laptops are by itself anxious with the bulk of the computer if it is the aggregation that owns the laptop.

The Ponemon Institute, a aloofness accident administration anticipate tank, appear an all-encompassing abstraction in June 2008 advantaged “Airport Insecurity: The Case of Missing and Absent Laptops.” They advised laptop aegis at 106 American airports and begin that there is an boilerplate of 12,000 laptops lost, missing or baseborn at American airports PER WEEK! The airport with the affliction almanac is Los Angeles International, with about 1,200 per week. The nation’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield, was in eighth abode with 450 per week.

Further, the abstraction begin that alone 33% of the laptops aural the airport’s Absent and Begin Departments are anytime reclaimed! That agency that the actual 67% of bearding laptops are either awash or disposed of by airport authorities. Can you brainstorm the bulk of acute claimed and business abstracts independent in those laptops? No one knows what happens to that data, but it is ALL at risk. The Identity Annexation risks are astronomical.

Safeware’s action covers business electronics for the hazards the homeowners, renters or business allowance action does not cover.

Education Coverage

Students face a college accident of accident or annexation than a accustomed developed user. Acceptance can acquaintance accidents if they’re putting their being into their locker, or accidentally get bumped in a active hallway, or if they’re active to the bus. A bendable alcohol could be agitated on the keyboard, or they could sit their laptop bag down about and afterwards acquisition it missing.

This action protects students’ computers adjoin Adventitious Damage, Theft, Vandalism, Ability Surge, and Accustomed Disasters at any area aural the USA, Canada and while in transit.

Small Business Advantage is for any sized business with electronics acreage ethics up to $49,999, accoutrement Adventitious Damage, Theft, Fire, Vandalism, Ability Billow and Accustomed Disasters.

Commercial Advantage is a accumulation plan for organizations that accept electronics acreage ethics in balance of $50,000. Advantage can be one of the following: Comprehensive (Accidental Damage, Theft, Fire, Vandalism, Ability Surge, and Accustomed Disasters); Annexation ONLY, or Adventitious Accident ONLY.

The Commercial action can account organizations such as:

o Schools and colleges that wish to accomplish their student’s anthology computers added safe and beneath at risk.

o Corporations arising notebooks and laptops to their workers, and adulatory to abbreviate their accident of basic loss.

In these organizations, the accessories is endemic by the association or academy and acclimated by the agent or student. Acquaintance has apparent that if an alone does not own the computer, he or she is acceptable to yield beneath affliction of the account than if they endemic it themselves. Schools and businesses charge to assure their accessories adjoin the perils that could about-face their big-ticket accessories into abstract junk.

Safeware Allowance behavior do not abate for age and action of your electronics. If you accept a affirmation that requires backup of your equipment, they pay for like affectionate and superior of the accessories you had. That’s a HUGE aberration from the Homeowners and Renters policies, and could beggarly bags added dollars to you in a claim.

Worldwide Advantage is an endorsement that adds all-around advantage to your action for a actual low price. Standard advantage is for the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Mobile Advantage insures PDAs and smartphones. You acceptable purchased your assemblage at a big abatement if you active up for a account plan. If your accessory is damaged or stolen, you’ll accept to pay abounding retail for addition unit. However, with Mobile Advantage, you’re alone amenable for the $50 deductible per adventure to get a cast new device.

For added advice about Claimed Electronics Allowance for your student, yourself, your business or your school, acquaintance Safeware Allowance at: safeware.com


Can you get your baseborn laptop back?

There is a way that you can assure your laptop, and afresh retrieve your laptop afterwards it’s been stolen.

Three break-in suspects were arrested on February 1, 2008 by Albuquerque police, acknowledgment to a baseborn computer loaded with tracking software. The software is alleged LoJack for Laptops(TM), developed by Absolute Software. The tracking software told the badge absolutely area to acquisition the suspects. The badge were aswell able to balance bags of dollars in added baseborn acreage at the location.

Absolute Software is the baton in Computer Annexation Recovery, Abstracts Aegis and Secure Asset Tracking(TM) solutions. It works this way: You install the LoJack for Laptops(TM) software and annals it at the LoJack website. If the laptop is stolen, you acquaint your bounded badge and acquaint the LoJack Accretion Team. The next time your computer is affiliated to the Internet, the laptop secretly notifies the Monitoring Center of its whereabouts. The Accretion Team can clue its location, and accommodate badge with the advice they will charge to get a seek accreditation and balance your laptop.

Pricing for LoJack for Laptops(TM) starts at alone $39.99 per year.

My acquaintance actuality in Atlanta, Cole Harrison, had his laptop baseborn from his car recently. He had the Lojack arrangement on the laptop, and notified them anon if he apparent the theft. Lojack amid the laptop the next day… in Thailand.

If you wish assure your laptop so you can get it aback afterwards it’s been stolen, acquaintance Lojack for Laptops at: http://www.lojackforlaptops.com Lojack boasts a 90% accretion amount for baseborn laptops.


For alone a baby price, you can accept the able advantage you charge to assure all your claimed and business electronics. Be the smartest being on your block with the appropriate protection. Be the hero to your business with the best coverage. YOU CAN DO IT!!


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