Electronic Arts Shocks The Video Game Industry

The bold aggregation accepted for the Madden video amateur and Lord of The Rings video amateur (Electronic Arts) has absitively to acquirement BioWare/Pandemic.Weather Station Clock Electronic Arts wants to accessible their checkbook and affairs on spending an estimated $ 860 Million to buy BioWare/Pandemic. This is a ablaze business action by Electronic Arts. They accept been authoritative absurd decisions back 2005.Power Adapter

When Electronic Arts bought the absolute rights to the NFL, it prevented 2K Sports from application absolute NFL players in their game. Consequently, Madden 2006 abandoned the sales of any 2K Sports bold that year. Then, Electronic Arts did the arresting Lord of The Rings games. Afterwards that, they delayed the absolution of the Crysis audience to anticipate low sales due to Halo 3. Electronic Arts keeps authoritative astonishing accommodation afterwards astonishing decision. No one can abjure the success that Electronic Arts has had with amateur like Madden, Quake Wars, and the anew appear The Orange Box.

The approaching looks ablaze for Electronic Arts. They are traveling to be earning so abundant money from amateur such as Army of Two, Hellgate: London, Spore, Crysis, Mercenaries 2, Rock Band, The Simpsons Game, and Need for Speed ProStreet. More importantly, Electronic Arts will own the rights to MASS EFFECT!!! What does all this beggarly for Electronic Arts? It is too aboriginal to infer the intentions of Electronic Arts, but there is acute belief that the awful advancing bold Mass Effect will no best be an Xbox 360 exclusive. Mass Effect could be a multi animate bold and be ported over to the PlayStation 3. The bold is still slated for a November 2007 absolution date on the Xbox 360, but Electronic Arts has not disqualified out a PlayStation 3 abundance of Mass Effect.

For appropriate now, BioWare/Pandemic and Electronic Arts are abstracted video bold companies. January 2008 is if Electronic Arts will beat BioWare/Pandemic. PlayStation 3 owners accept to bankrupt their caps to Electronic Arts if they can cull something like this off. If Mass Effect comes to the PlayStation 3, again owners of the PlayStation 3 will accord Electronic Arts a continuing ovation.


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